The Atlantis Aquaventure Waterpark is now the in thing to quench the dry heat in the Dubai Desert. It has overtaken the Wild Wadi Waterpark in sheer poularity as it has better water roller coaster rides, the leap of faith water slide, the shark attack water slide, assorted raging river rides and a large private beach for guest along the Palm Jumeirah Island. The Waterpark sits right next to the Atlantis Resort, just under the Palm Jumeirah Monorail Station and has more than 18 hectares (42 acres) of pools, the ziggurat, lazy river rides, jet pools, ewave pools, assorted restaurants and cabanas. They even have a separate dolphin encounter and petting at the water park (more expensive but admission to the water park is included) This was actually the first of my bucket list when I arrive here in Dubai!

The Master Blaster Water Coasters are a group of jet water infused circular and zig zagging water slides that are located at the Zigurrat Tower. You can ride a 1 man inflatable tube or a two man inflatabale tube and then the water jets propel you to the twist and turns of the long and winind slide up to the dark tunnels and down below for an exhilarating 40 second ride.

The park has four levels of master blaster coasters:

1) The Falls- the lowest water coaster slide
2) The Stinger- the second highest level water coaster slide
3) The Plunge- the secodn highest, consist of two 20 second water coaster ride that is split in the middle.
4) The Surge-the highest water coaster slide, located at the same level of the leap of faith slide

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  • Shark Safari
  • Aquaventure Beach & Relaxation
  • River Rides
  • Cownose Ray Feeding
  • Splasher′s Kid′s Play Area