For a full day experience, this futuristic Yas Island waterpark spans an area of around 15 football pitches, with 43 rides, slides & attractions – five of which are one-of-a-kind.

Yas Waterworld visitors will be able to try the world’s first and largest hydromagnetic-powered, six-person tornado waterslide – it’s over 235 metres long! For adrenaline seekers there are three-metre high waves on Bubble’s Barrel, which has the world’s largest surfable sheet wave for flowboards and bodyboards. The Bandit Bomber, a 550–metre coaster, is the first with onboard water and laser effects. Riders can shoot jets of water at targets, drop water bombs and trigger special effects, while people below can spray them with water as they pass.

Sitting atop Jebel Dana, the towering core of the park’s altitude-defying summit and measuring eight metres in diameter, the park’s gigantic pearl is Yas Island’s newest landmark. The park draws on Abu Dhabi’s heritage and has ‘The Lost Pearl’ as its theme. Visitors follow the story of a young Emirati girl on a quest to find a legendary pearl as they make their way around the attractions, which include a souk and pearl-diving exhibits.


Shaheen’s Adrenaline Rush

  • Falcon’s Falaj
    Get the thrills of a roller coaster, but in the water
    You want a rush of blood to the head, look no further than Falcon’s Falaj. A six-person water coaster, Falcon’s Falaj will take you on a wild ride over twists, turns, rapids and drops – all guaranteed to have you shrieking with that perfect combination of fear and delight.
  • Rush Rider
    New to flowboarding or bodyboarding and want to improve your skills?
    This endless sheet wave brings SoCal-style fun in the sun to Abu Dhabi! Rush Rider is the ideal place for you to begin your flowboarding and surfing career before graduating to Bubbles’ Barrel in the big league!
  • Bubble’s Barrel
    The world’s largest surf-able sheet wave is here!
    With a 3m-high wave and 1,250-horsepower pumps pushing 7,000 litres of water per second, Bubbles’ Barrel packs some serious surf.
  • Dawwama
    HydroMagnetic Tornado 6-person raft ride
    A 20-metre high funnel, one raft, six people… The most exhilarating tornado ride in the world! Dawwama’s the perfect ride for a group of friends to share in an adrenaline rush!
  • Jebel Drop
    Free fall speed slide
    We think the platform for Jebel Drop is the best vantage point in the entire park. Of course, everything you see from here will be really small because it’s such a monstrous drop. Dare to give it a go?
  • Hamlool’s Humps
    Double hump speed slide
    R Kelly believes he can fly; get on Hamlool’s Humps and you will too! Three massive humps on this slide will have you feeling amazing.
  • Liwa Loop
    Drop straight down into a high-intensity looping waterslide
    Ever wanted to drop straight into a high-intensity, looping waterslide? You’ve finally got your chance with Liwa Loop – the first looping waterslide of its kind in the Middle East!

Sultan’s Young Fun

  • Tot’s Playground
    Relax and keep an eye on young children
    Got tiny tots to entertain? Bring them along to Tot’s Playground, the infant pool and slide complex make it an ideal place for parents who wish to relax whilst keeping an eye on the little ones!
  • Yehal
    A great water play area for the very young
    Want to keep the kids entertained? Well, with three little slides and a dumping bucket, Yehal is the perfect training ground for your little ones before they take on the big rides in years to come.

Dhabi’s Exciting Adventure

  • Bandit Bomber
    Tour the park at high speed on the Middle East’s longest suspended roller coaster
    A one of a kind – the Bandit Bomber will keep you hanging on the Middle East’s longest suspended rollercoaster for 550 metres! With onboard special water and laser effects take aim to splash all those walking below.
  • Sebag
    6-lane mat racer slide
    Race on! Who’s fastest? Launch headfirst and compete with your friends and family to the finish line, while keeping an eye on the stopwatch at the bottom. Only the winners have bragging rights for the rest of the day!
  • Yadi Yas
    It’s the opposite of a lazy river—it’s a crazy river!
    Yadi Yas is no lazy river; it’s more like an action-packed wadi ride. Hold on tight to your tube to stay afloat as the pulse wave takes you on a fun and exciting adventure.
  • Slither’s Slides
    Snake’s Tail – Keep focused and hold on tight as you’ll feel like you’re falling off your ring as sound, light and chilled fog combine at the depth of the Jebel, before you know it, you’ll be thrown out into the bright light and a warm water pool.
    Sand Viper Strike – Twist! Turn! Right! Left! Up! Down! Watch out for the double hump at the end as you hurtle down the Sand Viper Strike!
    Slither Surprise – The slithery fun continues with this torturous ravine, which makes riders believe they are being tossed between rocks. It’s a real bumpy ride as you go through steep drops and oscillations where the gaps between the rocks are wider. You’d better hang on tight!
    Sidewinder – Where will you end up? That’s the question! Enjoy the thrilling rush as you wind away with your friend, speeding through the dark Sidewinder to see who will land in the pool first!

Hamlool’s Moving & Grooving

  • Al Raha River
    Float along on the lazy river
    Feel like a chill out session? Well grab yourself a tube and float gently through the winding streams and caverns of the Al Raha River. Relax, sit back and enjoy the ride!
  • Amwaj Wave Pool
    Relax and enjoy the gentle alternating ebb and flow of this wave pool.
    With the pearl looming above, enjoy the alternating ebb and flow of the incredible wave patterns. It’ll give new meaning to the term “life’s a beach”!
  • Cannon Point
    It’s time to get the roller coaster riders wet!
    A fun spray and play area for the family – watch out, you might get extra wet as the Bandit Bomber flies overhead.
  • Jabha Zone
    Spray the Bandit Bomber riders as they pass
    In the path of Bandit Bomber, Cannon Point is equipped with water cannons which transform the roller coaster riders into targets! But shooters beware, Bandit Bomber carries gallons of water primed and ready to drop on all who lurk below.

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