Half Day Beiteddine + Deir El Kamar

Drive to the downtown district to see the huge reconstruction project-taking place to create a new commercial and residential district of the 21st century. This project has actually discovered that the capital is standing on the site of a very ancient settlement going back at least 5,000 years. Recent excavations have uncovered important archaeological sites from Canaanite, Phoenician, and Persian, Roman, Byzantine, Omayyad, Abbassid, Crusader, Mamluke and Ottoman eras. The 1.80 sq. meters reconstruction project includes new buildings but constructed in the traditional style, besides hundreds of old structures that have been restored and renovated to its original shapes, including Beirut’s souks and historical mosques and churches.

Proceed to Corniche road and stop for a short walk in the favorite promenade of many Beirutis. Further along, the road climbs steeply to a cliff edge, which is the headland of Beirut, with an array of cliff-top restaurants and cafes-, a panoramic view of the bay and famous Pigeon’s Rock. The road then leads down, stretching out a beautiful sandy beach and a prestigious residential area of Ramlet El-Baida. Tour ends with a visit to the National Museum.

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