Half Day Jeita Grottoes + Harissa

Drive 20km along the highway north of Beirut to visit the Dog River, for its commemorative inscriptions that have been left behind by conquering armies between 2nd millenium BC. and 1949 AD.

Proceed to the nearby principal source of the River, Jeita, a beautiful natural wonder, and best caverns in the Middle East. Transfer by cable car to the caverns, which consist of two parts, lower & upper galleries. The lower ones are visited by boat ride, while the upper caverns on foot. Enjoying the refreshingly cool temperature, the sound of rushing water, columns and sculptures that have been formed by water and time, supported by an effective lighting system, allowing to glimpse the uppermost roofs.

Proceed along the coastal road to Jounieh; take the Telepherique up to the outstretched arms of the Virgin of Lebanon in Harissa- a breathtaking view of the bay.

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