Jordan a la Carte

Choice1 Full-day Petra (11hrs)
This erosion-hewn masterpiece was rediscovered by a Swiss explorer in 1812. It can be accessed on a walk through a penetrative, narrow siq, is the hidden valley where the Rose City of Petra lies. Here you’ll come across the spectacular Treasury of Petra. One can enjoy an Indiana Jones moment as it was this building where the Holy Grail’s much coveted by Indy rested. Petra is full of ancient tombs and ruins. An incredible place, it’s like an eighth wonder.

Choice2 Full-day Amman + Jerash (11hrs)
Amman This city offers a number of historical attractions including a 2,000-year-old Roman amphitheatre, the Museum of Popular Traditions and the National Archaeological Museum. If you visit the Forum and Citadel Hill, you’ll see the few remaining Roman ruins of Amman (including a temple of Hercules). For newer attractions, the Jordan National Gallery displays modern Middle Eastern art. Don’t miss the enormous King Abdullah Mosque, completed in the late 1980s.
Jerash Just north of Amman are the well-preserved Graeco-Roman ruins of Jerash. Built in the 2nd century BC, the town exemplifies the finesse of Roman urban life. Among the ancient attractions are mosaics, a triple-arched gateway, an oval-shaped forum, Roman baths and nymphaeum replete with ancient fountains trimmed with dolphins. The traditional Roman street is very impressive and still boasts chariot ruts, whilst the well-preserved South Theatre boasts astonishing ancient amplification.

Choice3 Full-day Dead Sea, Madaba & Nebo (11hrs)
Dead Sea Straddling the border between Jordan and Holy Land, the Dead Sea is the lowest spot on the earth’s surface. The mineral content of this saltwater lake tops out at 33%. Think of a glass of water a third full of salt! Whilst giving your skin the best detox thanks to the curative qualities of the water, the salt-rich waters will have you bobbing about just like a cork. To fully enjoy the Dead Sea; don’t shave in advance of your dip, don’t get water in your eyes and do take a freshwater shower afterwards!
Mt. Nebo At Mt. Nebo, excellent views are offered of the Jordan River Valley, the Dead Sea and (on clear days) Holy Land. A 6th century church marks the spot where Moses at the end of his life is said to have seen the Land of Canaan (he too enjoyed the view).
Madaba The prime attractions of the venerable city of Madaba (it’s mentioned in the Old Testament) are its many 6th-century Byzantine mosaics. Perhaps the most impressive of these is an enormous 6th-century map of Palestine and Egypt that is located in St. George’s Greek Orthodox Church. A few blocks from the church is the town’s museum, which contains mosaics found in other parts of the region, as well as other ancient artifacts.

Short Stay Overnight Jordan

Choice1 Petra
Day1 QAIA-Mt. Nebo-Madaba-Petra
Day2 Petra-Amman

Choice2 Amman
Day1 QAIA- Visit the Dead Sea & Amman. Overnight in Amman
Day2 Visit Jerash, Mt. Nebo, Madaba. Transfer to airport

Glimpse of Jordan

Choice1 Petra, Wadi Rum, Amman, Madaba, Mt. Nebo & the Dead Sea
Day1 QAIA-Petra
Day2 Petra-Wadi Rum-Amman
Day3 Amman-Madaba-Mt. Nebo-Dead Sea-Amman

Choice2 Jerash, Amman, Petra, Mt. Nebo & Madaba
Day1 QAIA-Jerash-Amman
Day2 Full day Petra
Day3 Amman-Mt. Nebo-Madaba-QAIA

Jordan Headlines 4day/3nights
Day1 QAIA-Petra
Day2 Petra-Wadi Rum-Amman
Day3 Amman & Jerash
Day4 Amman-Mt. Nebo-QAIA

More of Jordan 5days/4nights
Day1 QAIA-Amman
Day2 Amman & Jerash
Day3 Amman-Petra-Amman
Day4 Amman-Madaba-Mt. Nebo-Dead Sea-Amman
Day5 Amman-QAIA

Classic Jordan 6days/5nights
Day1 QAIA-Amman
Day2 Amman-Madaba-Mt. Nebo-Kerak-Shoubak-Petra
Day3 Petra
Day4 Petra-Dead Sea-Amman
Day5 Amman-Jerash-Desert Castle-Amman
Day6 Amman-QAIA

More of Jordan 7days/6nights
Day1 QAIA-Amman
Day2 Amman-Jerash-Amman
Day3 Amman-Desert Castles-Petra
Day4 Petra
Day5 Petra-Wadi Rum-Aqaba-Dead Sea
Day6 Dead Sea-Mt. Nebo-Madaba-Amman
Day7 Amman-QAIA

Treasures of Jordan 8days/7nights
Day1 QAIA-Amman
Day2 Amman-Umm Qais-Jerash-Amman
Day3 Amman-Madaba-Mt. Nebo-Dead Sea-Amman
Day4 Amman-Desert Castle-Amman
Day5 Amman-Kerak-Shoubak-Petra
Day6 Petra
Day7 Petra-Wadi Rum-Amman
Day8 Amman-QAIA

Jordan in deep 9days/8nights
Day1 QAIA-Amman
Day2 Amman-Madaba-Mt.Nebo-Kerak-Shobak-Petra
Day3 Petra
Day4 Petra-Wadi Rum-Aqaba
Day5 Aqaba
Day6 Aqaba-Dead Sea
Day7 Dead Sea-Umm Qais-Jerash-Amman
Day8 Amman-Desert Castle-Amman
Day9 Amman-QAIA