Ultimate Adventure

Empty Quarter Saudi Arabia

  • Sand Dunes
  • Shubyatah
  • Dune Bashing
  • Al Hish Lakes/Oasis
  • Swimming in the Umm Al Hish Lakes

Day 1 = Riyadh Arrival

Arrival to King Khaled International Airport, meet and assist and transfer to the hotel for check in and overnight.

Day 2 = Riyadh – Empty Quarter Breakfast – Dinner

After breakfast at the hotel, check out and transfer with the 4×4 cars 650 km to reach Al Udeid White Sand Dunes on Route 95. On the way we will stop at Al Batha gas station for a quick rest and snacks. Upon Arrival to the white sand dunes, we will begin setting up camp and exploring the area for picturesque photos. Dinner will be prepared by our guides and overnight.

Day 3 = Empty Quarter Breakfast – Snacks – Dinner

Waking up to the beautiful scenery of the white sand dunes we start our day with breakfast at the camp site. After breakfast we will pack up and start driving towards Shubyatah which is the entrance of the empty quarter. On the way we will experience dune bashing in the sand dunes for some adrenaline rush and have many beautiful picturesque photo stops. Lunch will be served in the form as snacks on one of the stops. Upon arrival to Shubaytah we will have a beautiful walk on the red and white dunes and where the dunes can reach up to 200 meters in height. Then we will continue to Shaybah where the red sand dunes are in a different formation now and we will have one of the most beautiful sunsets. There we will be setting up camp there and having an early dinner by the camp fire then overnight.

Day 4 = Empty Quarter (400 km) Breakfast – Snacks – Dinner

Another beautiful scenery to wake up to and have breakfast. After packing up the camp site we will drive towards Umm Al Hish Lakes/Oasis, on the way we will be experiencing something fun and unique which is trying out sandboarding and skiing. You can take in the panoramic view of endless golden sand while sliding down dunes. It’s a must-do for any adrenaline seekers looking for something out of the ordinary. Even if you are a beginner skier the sand is so soft it’ll cushion your fall every time. After all the fun we will continue to experience the star formation dunes that are sand dunes that form in a sandy desert when the direction of the wind changes a lot. These dunes have three or more “arms,” usually irregularly shaped. The dunes may grow to a considerable height and are generally taller than other types of sand dune. After having lunch in the form of snacks we will continue driving through the very difficult high sand dunes to arrive to our campsite next to the Umm Al Hish Lakes. Upon arrival we set up camp enjoy the sunset and campfire and early dinner. When the campfire sets all we will have is the light of the stars and if we are lucky witness a meteor shower.

Day 5 = Empty Quarter (400 km) Breakfast – Snacks – Dinner

Breakfast at the campsite pack up and go to spend the early day swimming in the Umm Al Hish Lakes where the water is supposed to be very good for the body as it has a high amount of sulfur. After lunch in the form of snacks we begin driving through the magical and extremely difficult sand dunes towards Al Thuaif Oasis which was previously covered by Aramco and there the greenery and plants started growing. Upon arrival to our stop point we will set up camp and have a walk along the sand dunes to witness one of the most amazing sunsets. Early dinner by the camp fire, then overnight.

Day 6 = Empty Quarter (400 km) Breakfast – Snacks – Dinner

Early morning breakfast and then visit the oasis for beautiful picturesque photos then we start driving back towards the entry point of the empty quarter. On the way we will pass by the formation of the sand dunes where they are extremely high and far apart from each other. Upon arrival to Shaybah we will set up camp for dinner and overnight.

Day 7 = Empty Quarter -Riyadh (400 km) Breakfast – Dinner

Early morning breakfast and then keep on driving towards the exit point of the empty quarter which is Shubaytah. Once we leave we will pass by the white sand dunes and then stop for a quick lunch at the gas station and continue driving to Riyadh for Hotel check in dinner and overnight

Day 8 = Riyadh (400 km) Breakfast

Full day at leisure and relaxation at the hotel. Overnight.

Day 9 = Riyadh

Transfer to King Khaled International Airport for flight out.




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